As a young architect, I fell in love with the natural beauty of stone, its authentic splendor, and variety of colors and textures, only found in a natural product of the earth. 

Thirty years ago, we started as a modest stone supply and install business, using mediocre tools and workmanship in my little workshop in Cairo, Egypt.

As years went by, our love of natural stone evolved and with it grew our knowledge of global solutions of stone manufacturing.  Learning from others experiences and creating our own strategies, we executed several projects with unmatched accuracy and success.

Today, MarmiZeitoun, formerly known as Marble Art Egypt, is privileged to be one of the leadingfirms and factories in Egypt for large scale exporting, interior, exterior and retrofitting works.

Our partner quarries in Italy, Spain, Greece, India and Turkey work one-on-one with the factory demands.MarmiZeitoun’s agents and researchers are dedicated to delivering the best quality marble blocks, to be manufactured in Egypt and re-exported to worldwide projects.  Our companies enjoy the experience of several international experts in the process of manufacturing and production. 


High-quality service is our utmost dedication. Our company is proud to have a team of dedicated, innovative and experienced staff. We turn designers’ vision into a reality and we achieve projects completion at cost level and standards which are valued by our clients.

In a global and strongly competitive world, efficient management of resources and the application of the latest technology have helped propel us to the forefront of our industry.

 Our architectural background is valued by consultants worldwide, assuring our specialization in technical details and mutual understanding between designer and contractor.

Every year, we take on the challenge of establishing new branches (most recently United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Kuwait). We will continue to upgrade our programs to provide clients with a high level of service and quality, innovative solutions, cost efficiency, and most importantly unparalleled design creativity and newly excavated materials.

At MarmiZeitoun, passion for natural stone drives us towards innovation, creating a lasting culture of natural stone appreciation.


Architect Hossam Zeiton