MarmiZeitoun, formerly known as Marble Art Egypt, run and owned by Architect Hossam and Engineer Faten Zeitoun, has been dedicated to natural stone design, supplying, and installing since 1979.


MarmiZeitoun has been developing revolutionary design and technical solutions in the natural stone industry, locally and globally, creating a lasting culture of natural stone appreciation. 


At MarmiZeitoun, stone becomes a passion, appreciating its range of textures, vivid diversity in color, roughness and smoothness, and even its embellishing blemishes. An in-depth knowledge of materials from extensive work with stone allows MarmiZeitoun to derive stone’s aesthetics and technical performance.With the aid of constantly evolving stone technology, the firm and factory excel at enhancing marble and granite’s natural beauty, by refining surfaces and artistically choosing a complementing material palette.


Stone design, preparation, and production are carried out by a group of expert architects, designers, and engineers to ensure that every block, slab, and tile is crafted into a unique quality-controlled and coded architectural element. Throughout close collaboration with renowned local and global architects and consultants over the years, the design and production team specialize in even the most complex and challenging of design requests and construction methods.